The best positions for sex to give her incredible orgasms

Best positions for sex female orgasms


There is no secret way to “do it”, the secret is what you do before it. That said, there are positions known to be the best positions for sex that can lead to incredible orgasms for her and you! So far on this journey we have discussed heavily about building up slowly and spending time exploring your partners body. Sexual intercourse is actually the easy bit. Taking your time, syncing your breathing and making sure the experience is good for her and not just you, will help her explode with pleasure.

As part of this article we include a free karma sutra which has every sex position known to man and highlights the best positions for sex. You will have months worth of fun exploring and experimenting with the many positions available. Although there are no secrets to the “act” there are various best positions for sex that we would recommend which give her the most pleasure.

The best positions for sex

1 – Doggy style – The best sex position for her!

Who doesn’t like taking her girl from behind, the view is incredible and women like to pass the control over to the man. As we know the vast majority of woman can’t climax without clitoral stimulation. Doggy style allows you to reach around and stimulate her clitoris with your fingers. Better still, grab a vibrating toy and get her to play with it herself. Trust us, her orgasm will be insane if you use a toy too.

Don’t forget that women have many sensitive areas that they get pleasure from, you may want to have a read of this article too. Pleasure spots on the female body

2 – Lifted Missionary

The missionary position is very vanilla but effective. The position is when you as the man go on top, the small twist with the lifted missionary is that you put a couple of pillows underneath her bum, this lifts her body slightly allowing you to hit her G spot during penetration. Again with some clitoral stimulation using a toy, she’s on to a winner.

3 – Flat doggy

Much like the doggy style position above, this position is her laying down flat on the bed face down, with you entering her from behind. This differs slightly to doggy style as yet again the G Spot will get more stimulation. This position however makes it almost impossible for clitoral stimulation.

Further reading

Below is a copy of the Karma Sutra written by Anne Hooper, it includes plenty more Sex positions to try. Read, digest and experiment.