Erogenous zones for women that will drive them wild

10 erogenous Zones for women
75% Of women wont Orgasm through Vaginal penetration alone
4mins for a woman to Orgasm through masterbation. 20 mins through Sex.

The most sensitive erogenous zones for women

One of the big issues with Sex for Women is that Men tend to just dive straight in to what they want. By taking your time and exploring the erogenous zones for women below, you will give her more satisfying sex. The biggest benefit is your partner will feel more connected to you and it will awaken her cravings for more of it.

If your doing this course with your partner why not print off the below and use it as a tick box exercise to explore what she would like to try.

erogenous zones for women

Her Armpits

The armpits is a very sensitive area of the body for both male and females. Lightly stroking your partners armpits can be a massive turn on for her, circular motions moving into figures of eight is the optimum technique.

inner thighs erogenous zones for women

Inner Thighs

Before you dive head first into the obvious in this area, it’s worth teasing her by stimulating her inner thighs. Gentle strokes leading up to her vagina, but not touching her vagina will drive her crazy. Licks and gentle biting work well also on the inner thighs. To really spice things up why not try chocolate sauce, ice cream or even a feather in this area?

feet erogenous zones for women

Her Feet

Not for everyone as some women find it unbearably ticklish here. For that exact reason a slightly firmer massage technique is advised here. Done well, this can really turn her on big time.

Her Hands

A very powerful pleasure area for both genders. Sucking on fingers is almost the same as Oral sex, the feeling, the imagery, it’s hot stuff. Circular motion on the palms is very relaxing. The hands is an area we urge you to experiment with.

Her Neck

Best used when kissing, take your finger tips and gently stroke the neck up and down. Run your fingers through her hair and softly kiss her neck at the bottom where it meets her shoulder. Another great area for feather play.

Pubic Mound

The Pubic mound, is the mound in the area where the pubes grow. It’s directly linked to the Sexual response system of your partner. Gentle massage is the best way to awaken this nerve ending packed area.

Her Ears

Located with the Ears, are sensory receptors making this a great area of stimulation. Most people go for tickling behind the ear, but stroking the ear from the front side is actually more sensitive. Add a bit of kissing and nibbling too and your’re on to a winner. Some Women have even stated that Ear play has intensified an Orgasm for them, when done during intercourse.

Her Belly

The belly button down can  be a very sensitive area. Light strokes and circular motions down towards the vagina can add an element of teasing too. A great area to experiment with Feathers and Ice cubes. Research has also shown a connection between Belly play and G-spot stimulation.

Her Lips

Kissing generally gets the juices flowing, but make sure you spend time kissing her. Mix the stimulation up, gentle kisses, soft biting and heavy breathing that she can feel on her lips. Noise stimulation is great here and can really turn her on, try load kissing noises. A top tip is to slowly stroke her closed lips with your finger, also touch the skin around her mouth.

Her Butt

Butt play isn’t for everyone so talking to her before diving in is essential. Butt play doesn’t have to just involve penetration, stroking her cheeks can also be a massive turn on for women. If your not liking the idea of “going in” then lightly stroking her bum hole can be very exciting for her.

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